Meet CloudBooks Business Solutions creator and director Jo Doye. Qualified accountant, clever thinker, numbers geek and craft beer addict, Jo has been working with large and small businesses across central Victoria for many years assisting them with all of their bookkeeping requirements.

Jo delivers her clients an individualised business solutions service, using a combination of face to face support and cloud based processes.  Jo can work for any business, anywhere at any time.  Her clients are able to maximise their work capacity, receive up-to-date data and reporting and feel secure knowing an affordable and professional bookkeeping service is helping their business to thrive.  Delivered using the best and most secure technology available, reducing labour costs and human error.  

Jo’s talents lie in her analytic prowess and ability to read financial trends and identify warning signs. She is also able to deliver Bendigo one hell of a craft beer festival “Bendigo on the Hop” as a Bendigo Beer committee member and identify the difference between an English IPA and an American IPA blindfolded.